Mar 28, 2023

Guard your inbox from unwanted email πŸ›‘

Block and unsubscribe: Protect your inbox against unwanted emails by blocking junk senders and unsubscribing from noisy marketing promos in just one click. Next time you get a phishing email trying to steal your data, take three seconds to block the sender and keep your inbox permanently cleaner going forward. Read more about how it works on our blog.

🚒 New Features Shipped

  • Indicator to show when tracking pixels are blocked in emails
  • "Add note" + "Unbundle" included as actions via the bundle menu
  • Batched delivery settings available for individual email addresses, mailing lists, and channels

βš™οΈ Product Changes

  • Unified keyboard and mouse focus in dropdown menus
  • Contact suggestions in search are now prioritized by recency and frequency
  • Smart labels no longer auto-apply by default

πŸ›Β Fixes and Improvements

  • Added forward option to BCC reply blocker
  • Added a button for message actions on Android and mobile PWA, fixing instances where invisible hover actions could accidentally get pressed
  • Fixed bundle settings bug that caused some built-in labels to unbundle
  • Fixed custom snooze picker bug on small iOS devices
  • Fixed a bug where links and attachments did not open on iOS
  • Improved swipe animation speed on iOS
  • Improved long Smart Summary support and scrolling on mobile PWA screens

Feb 28, 2023

A better inbox πŸ“ͺ

Inbox redesign: Shortwave's new inbox helps you make the most of your screen at any size using a multi-pane layout. Threads and bundles will now be opened alongside your main inbox when your window has room.

The new inbox also brings dozens of other improvements, both large and small! A new auto-advance mode lets you triage your entire inbox even faster. We've also redesigned our thread UI to be simpler and more intuitive, including more clearly identifying who received each email.

🚒 New Features

  • Smart Summaries: Harness the power of AI to condense any email into just a few digestible sentences in seconds β€” read more here

βš™οΈ Product Changes

  • Reorganized and updated support documentation
  • Android app now has a panel-based inbox that feels better on small screens
  • Made login flow faster by allowing you to sign in and grant permissions in one step instead of two
  • Redesigned label application process to give you more control over auto-apply and auto-remove rule creation

πŸ› Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed crashing bug when trying to display a private channel hover card
  • Updated icon for "Labels" tab on iOS to be consistent with web
  • Fixed back button behavior in Android to stop closing the app

Feb 2, 2023

Send on your schedule πŸ“§

Scheduled send: Scheduled send lets you set and forget: write a message, set a send time, and then move on to your next task. You can now schedule messages on web, as well as view pending messages from both web and iOS.

🚒 New Features Shipped

  • Our new command palette β€” opened using Cmd k β€” makes it simple to navigate across the app without using your mouse

πŸ› Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed a rare issue which caused the inbox to temporarily get out of sync
  • Fixed a bug that caused snooze natural language suggestions to overflow the menu
  • Fixed a bug causing CC'd recipients to not be included in recipient counts
  • Fixed an icon alignment issue in the label picker

Jan 19, 2023

Search got a new upgrade πŸ”

Search: Bring your search game to the next level with powerful new updates. Get better suggestions and immediate visual feedback regarding your queries with autocomplete and highlighting. New search terms and operators give you even more control to help you find what you're looking for.

🚒 New Features Shipped

  • Ability to print messages from Shortwave via the message level … dropdown menu
  • Ability to add non-image file attachments on iOS
  • Undo send has been graduated from an experiment and is now enabled for all Shortwave users

πŸ› Fixes and Improvements

  • Multiple dark mode improvements were rolled out, providing a better experience for emails from major senders like AirBnB and GrubHub
  • Improved handling of whitespace in signatures
  • Fixed a bug causing emojis in signatures to display extra large
  • Fixed a bug where bundling was broken for snoozed threads when they reappeared in the inbox
  • Fixed a bug where closed time sections would incorrectly treat batched delivery threads as unsnoozed
  • Fixed a regression where clicking the inbox icon didn't close the selected thread or bundle
  • Fixed a regression where renooze no longer appeared as a default in the snooze picker list

Jan 3, 2023

Everything we shipped 🚒

2022 was a busy year for Shortwave: In the past year, our team of 13 has launched 101 features, made 754 improvements and merged 3,891 PRs. It's been less than one year since we launched, and we're just getting started.

Read all about what we did in 2022, and check out our past two weeks of improvements below.

βš™οΈ Product changes

  • Ability to reply directly to a specific message and / or sender in a thread with improved branching behavior and UI
  • Separated built-in and custom labels on the Labels page for improved navigability
  • Separated built-in and custom labels in the label picker to make label selection frictionless

πŸ› Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed hover actions on 2-in-1 devices
  • Fixed a hover action bug on Android devices where threads would unintentionally pin
  • Fixed todo bundle preview text color that was incorrect on mobile PWA
  • Added dynamic "Loading..." screen text for large inboxes that take longer to load

Dec 15, 2022

Inbox delivery, now on your schedule πŸ“…

Batched delivery: Bundle your emails by label and set a delivery schedule to control when they enter your inbox. By batching non-urgent groups of related threads, you can limit distractions and context-switching in your inbox to focus on what matters.

🚒 New features

  • Added ability to configure bundle settings for senders, channels, and mailing lists
  • Updated the help center with new documentation and methodology on how to best use Shortwave

βš™οΈ Product changes

  • Revamped smart snooze time picker UI

πŸ› Fixes and improvements

  • Ported NL input to mobile for smart snooze suggestions
  • Fixed a bug which caused push notifications to be sent while in Do Not Disturb mode
  • Fixed a bug where clicking to focus the search bar closed an open thread or bundle
  • Fixed a bug where swipe settings would sometimes reset on iOS
  • Updated iOS swipe settings image to include delete

Dec 1, 2022

Search by contact, label, and more πŸ”

Improved search: The search bar has been redesigned to make finding emails faster and more intuitive. You can now search for contacts, groups, labels, and mailing lists. Improved headers on search pages provide easy access to additional filters, settings, and compose.

🚒 New features

  • Added sent, drafts, spam, and trash pages to the updated sidebar on web
  • Updated navigation menu to include sent, drafts, favorites, and labels on iOS
  • Added Forums label
  • Added a "Last used" option to the smart snooze suggestions
  • Shortwave's skip inbox filters now sync back to Gmail

βš™οΈ Product changes

  • Removed conversations from the sidebar for clearer navigation
  • Brought iOS search up to parity with web, supporting search for contacts, labels, and channels
  • Added ability to have multiple Gmail category labels per thread

πŸ› Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug where links to copied threads were invalid on iOS
  • Updated Cmd + Shift + c keyboard shortcut to focus the CC: field instead of TO:
  • Cleaned up label search results by hiding the repeated label in the thread previews
  • Removed the bundling label in thread previews inside the open bundle for more scannable bundles

Nov 17, 2022

Top level action: delete πŸ—‘οΈ

Delete: Delete and bulk delete are now top level actions in Shortwave, and you can swipe to delete on iOS.

🚒 New Features Shipped

  • Natural language (e.g. "2 hr" or "next week") can now be used to snooze threads on iOS
  • Set labels, senders, channels and mailing lists to skip your inbox
  • Stay up to date on new features in Shortwave with in-app feature announcements

βš™οΈ Product Changes

  • Threads now use the last message in the thread as preview text instead of the last unread message
  • Labels are now offered as suggestions in the "Add favorite" sidebar flow

πŸ› Fixes and Improvements

  • Highlighting text in the first message of a subject-only thread prompts quote menu to appear on hover
  • Fixed push notifications for unsnoozed threads sometimes not sending
  • Fixed overlapping header and footer elements when viewing the app in mobile Safari or after being added to the iOS home screen

Nov 3, 2022

Full screen compose and faster search 🏎️

Full Screen Compose: New message compose is now a full screen experience, delivering more focus when you need it.
Faster Search: We just shipped backend improvements making search 4x faster!

🚒 New Features

  • Newsletter built-in label now automatically applies to known newsletter senders
  • Ability to view and manage magic label senders for all labels
  • Click-to-copy subject lines
  • Link to changelog added in-app from help menu (?)
  • Launched as an official integration in Shift

βš™οΈ Product Changes

  • The top-most thread on every screen is now focused by default
  • After sending a message, the thread is focused rather than the compose box
  • Visual styling changes to the inbox including removing the "wave", and changing the color of the top bar in dark mode
  • Hover cards include the gear icon to open the settings dialog

πŸ› Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issue with built-in labels sometimes not being auto-removed
  • Fixed safe areas on the iOS mobile web app so it looks correct on all iOS devices, including iPad
  • All inbox items now properly have drag handles

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