New updates and improvements to Shortwave

Search by contact, label, and more 🔍

December 1


Improved search: The search bar has been redesigned to make finding emails faster and more intuitive. You can now search for contacts, groups, labels, and mailing lists. Improved headers on search pages provide easy access to additional filters, settings, and compose.

🚢 New features

  • Added sent, drafts, spam, and trash pages to the updated sidebar on web
  • Updated navigation menu to include sent, drafts, favorites, and labels on iOS
  • Added Forums label
  • Added a "Last used" option to the smart snooze suggestions
  • Shortwave’s skip inbox filters now sync back to Gmail

⚙️ Product changes

  • Removed conversations from the sidebar for clearer navigation
  • Brought iOS search up to parity with web, supporting search for contacts, labels, and channels
  • Added ability to have multiple Gmail category labels per thread

🐛 Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed a bug where links to copied threads were invalid on iOS
  • Updated Cmd + Shift + c keyboard shortcut to focus the CC: field instead of TO:
  • Cleaned up label search results by hiding the repeated label in the thread previews
  • Removed the bundling label in thread previews inside the open bundle for more scannable bundles
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Top level action: delete 🗑️

November 17


Delete: Delete and bulk delete are now top level actions in Shortwave, and you can swipe to delete on iOS.

🚢 New Features Shipped

  • Natural language (e.g. “2 hr” or “next week”) can now be used to snooze threads on iOS
  • Set labels, senders, channels and mailing lists to skip your inbox
  • Stay up to date on new features in Shortwave with in-app feature announcements

⚙️ Product Changes

  • Threads now use the last message in the thread as preview text instead of the last unread message
  • Labels are now offered as suggestions in the “Add favorite” sidebar flow

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Highlighting text in the first message of a subject-only thread prompts quote menu to appear on hover
  • Fixed push notifications for unsnoozed threads sometimes not sending
  • Fixed overlapping header and footer elements when viewing the app in mobile Safari or after being added to the iOS home screen
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Full screen compose and faster search 🏎️

November 3


Full Screen Compose: New message compose is now a full screen experience, delivering more focus when you need it.
Faster Search: We just shipped backend improvements making search 4x faster!

🚢 New Features

  • Newsletter built-in label now automatically applies to known newsletter senders
  • Ability to view and manage magic label senders for all labels
  • Click-to-copy subject lines
  • Link to changelog added in-app from help menu (?)
  • Launched as an official integration in Shift

⚙️ Product Changes

  • The top-most thread on every screen is now focused by default
  • After sending a message, the thread is focused rather than the compose box
  • Visual styling changes to the inbox including removing the “wave”, and changing the color of the top bar in dark mode
  • Hover cards include the gear icon to open the settings dialog

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issue with built-in labels sometimes not being auto-removed
  • Fixed safe areas on the iOS mobile web app so it looks correct on all iOS devices, including iPad
  • All inbox items now properly have drag handles
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