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Forward a long email or send a link to get back a helpful summary.

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Send it an email, it'll pull out the details and send you back a Google Calendar invite.

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How it works

Send an email, get back a helpful response!

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How does this work?

We take your email and a prompt, send it to OpenAI's GPT and return the result to you via email. Easy peasy but very useful!

How much does this cost?

It's free! But it's also beta software, and, unlike our core email client, we're not committed to a pricing plan yet.

Who are you?

We're Shortwave, a small startup building a new email experience for your Gmail. We save you time with a clean new interface, powerful features, and AI!

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What's the deal with privacy?

We do not store or log any emails you send to us. We do send your emails on to OpenAI, though we have opted out of having them used as training data.

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