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Jan 29, 2024

AI Autocomplete – Shortwave now finishes your sentences

Jonny Dimond

Jonny Dimond

3 min read


If you write a lot of emails, you say the same things over and over again. You answer the same questions, re-share the same links, and repeat the same phrases all day long. You waste so much time searching for information and typing.

That changes today with our new AI Autocomplete feature!

Now, you’ll see suggestions presented to you automatically as you draft emails. Just press ‘tab’ to complete. These AI suggestions are intelligent and based on previous emails you’ve written, so they sound just like you, and they include facts and phrases you’d actually say.

Your email can now write itself

If you’ve used Github Copilot, our new AI Autocomplete will feel very familiar. Anytime you’re composing new email threads or replying to existing ones, you’ll see smart, contextual, and personalized suggestions for how to continue your draft. Press tab to accept the suggestions, or just keep typing to ignore them.

AI Autocomplete is powered by Ghostwriter, our AI personalization technology that learns from the emails you send. We’ve poured a ton of effort into Ghostwriter and made it the best AI in the world at mimicking your voice and tone in email. It even learns facts about you, so your emails include accurate information and sound authentically like you. The suggestions also factor in context: what you’ve written so far, the subject, recipients, the email you’re replying to (if any), and more.

Do you write the same phrase 10 times per day? Just type the first few letters and get a suggestion for the rest, with no typos. Sharing your wifi password with a guest? If you’ve emailed it before, type “our wifi password is: “ and we’ll look it up for you. It can even help you brainstorm. Try “Some fun team offsite locations would be: ” and see what it comes up with.

AI Autocomplete works together with our custom AI compose prompt setting so you can further control its behavior. For example, if you want it to always use your Calendly link, just add “When proposing meeting times always use this scheduling link: <LINK>”.

Available today for Pro and Business users

AI Autocomplete is backed by world-class (and expensive) AI infrastructure, so we’re making it available only to our Pro and Business users. If you’re on one of those paid plans, head to Settings > AI Assistant and toggle on “AI Autocomplete”. Note that it is currently only available on our web and desktop apps and on Android devices with a physical keyboard.

Give it a try today, and let us know what you think on X or LinkedIn.

This week is our AI Launch Week. To celebrate our 4 year anniversary we’re unveiling one cutting-edge AI feature each day. Follow along for more updates.

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