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Jan 17, 2024

Personalize the look and feel of your Shortwave

Sophia Seltenreich

Sophia Seltenreich

3 min read


At Shortwave, we're passionate about providing you with an email experience that's not just efficient, but also a reflection of your personal style and workflow. That's why we've built two new features, custom themes and custom swipe actions, to help you customize your Shortwave like never before. These new settings come in addition to our existing personalization features, including our world-class dark and light modes, inbox layout controls, and more.

Custom colors for every account

You can now try out a fresh coat of paint for your inbox! We've launched eight brand-new custom themes, and they're not just pretty to look at—they're designed with purpose. The warm colors like Berry, Fire, Sunset, and Honey liven up your Shortwave with a pop of extra contrast, whereas the cool tones like Forest, Glacier, Wave, and Amethyst add a touch of personalization while keeping things calm and focused. Every new accent color has been carefully crafted to look beautiful in both light and dark modes, giving you an environment that adapts to your needs, mood, and time of day. These themes also work on a per-account basis, meaning you can always tell what inbox you’re in from just a glance.

These fresh new palettes are available on any paid plans from Settings > Appearance. From the sleek focus of dark mode to the energetic pop of our vibrant themes, there's something for every mood and moment. Give them a spin on web, desktop, and mobile!

Custom mobile swipe actions

Enjoy the power of personalization at your fingertips with customizable swipe actions on our iOS and Android apps. Now, you can tailor your swiping to suit your workflow with dynamic actions on long and short swipes. Set up to two actions per direction, and choose from a combination of done, pin, snooze, delete, mark spam, or mark unread.

To customize your swipes, head to Settings > General > Swipe actions on your mobile device and modify or add new actions.

The best dark mode email experience

Not only does Shortwave sync app appearances with your system theme, but it also converts emails to dark mode for a true dark mode experience. Unlike Gmail and other email apps that just change the inbox background color to a darker shade, Shortwave adjusts each email's background and text colors as well so you're not blinded by walls of white.

Shortwave’s dark mode offers a focused calm that reduces battery usage and eye strain during late nights, while light mode keeps things bright and high-contrast for productivity even on the sunniest days! This means you can seamlessly switch between modes without compromising on style or readability (try the shortcut cmd shift l to toggle modes).

Now that you're armed with all these personalization tools, it's time to reclaim your inbox and make it a space that's truly your own. Dive into the settings, experiment with new themes, and customize your swipe actions to create the perfect setup that makes you feel like you’re ready to get stuff done.

We can't wait to see how you make Shortwave uniquely yours! Let us know what custom theme you choose on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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