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For casual users who just want the basics


AI executive assistant

90 days searchable email history

Flexible inbox organization

Enhanced productivity


For individuals with gmail.com or .edu accounts


per user / month, billed annually

gmail.com and .edu accounts only

Full email search history

1 year AI-assisted search

No 'Sent with Shortwave' signature

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For business and power users


per user / month, billed annually

Everything in Personal, plus...

Google Workspace accounts

Pro features for up to 3 signed-in accounts

3 years AI-assisted search

Personalized AI writing style


For advanced business users with complex workflows


per user / month, billed annually

Everything in Pro, plus...

Business features for up to 10 signed-in accounts

5 years AI-assisted search

Customizable AI writing prompt

Enhanced support

Shortwave Enterprise

For larger organizations with advanced integration, compliance, security, or support requirements.

Salesforce integration

Zapier integration


Live training

Custom compliance needs

Google Advanced Protection


Plans & features

The basics





Eligible accounts

What emails addresses you can use this plan with

Gmail or Google Workspace

@gmail.com or .edu

Gmail or Google Workspace

Gmail or Google Workspace

Additional signed-in accounts

Additional email accounts signed into Shortwave on the same device as a paid account can get access to paid features.

Free features

Free features

Pro features (up to 3 accounts)

Business features (up to 10 accounts)

Email search history

Access your past emails directly in Shortwave via search

90 days




No 'Sent with Shortwave' signature

Lets you remove the 'Sent with Shortwave' tagline from the emails you send

Custom themes

Choose from 8 unique color schemes to differentiate your accounts

AI Assistant

AI Summaries

Save precious time by intelligently capturing the key points from an email thread in just a few sentences

AI Translation

Break down barriers with instant and high-quality translations, both when reading and writing emails

AI Research

Use GPT-4 right from your inbox to provide context-aware, creative insights faster and more efficiently than a Google search

AI Scheduling

Suggest times to meet with AI-generated scheduling emails and spend less time juggling calendars

AI Compose

Generate well-written emails instantly using our AI Assistant

AI Proofread

Fix spelling and grammar, adjust tone, change length, and improve clarity to send the perfect email, every time

AI-assisted Search

Analyze your entire email history in seconds for the answers you need

1 year history

3 years history

5 years history

Ghostwriter personalization

Have our AI learn how you write from the emails you send, including content, writing style, and tone

AI Autocomplete

Automatically suggest intelligent sentence completions when drafting emails

Customizable prompts

Customize how the AI Assistant writes emails with specific instructions

Inbox organization


Group related emails like promotions, newsletters, and other automated senders to reach inbox zero in half the time

Delivery schedules

Avoid interruptions by using delivery schedules to receive emails exactly when you want them

Block & unsubscribe

Guard your inbox from spammy senders and noisy marketing emails with one-click block & unsubscribe


Turn emails into to-dos

Add custom notes and reorder threads using drag & drop so you know exactly what needs to get done next

Command palette

Effortlessly navigate and take instant action from your keyboard

Instant intro

Instantly move someone to BCC and introduce yourself with a single shortcut

Integrations & automation

Auto-apply labels

Configure labels to automatically apply to specific senders in one click


Automatically add BCC recipients to log your emails in CRMs like Hubpsot and Salesforce

Team collaboration

Typing indicators

See when your teammates are replying to threads you're on to avoid collisions and prevent duplicated effort

Email history sharing

Teammates added to threads can easily see the full conversation history, including all attachments and images


Create dedicated places that bring teammates together to discuss specific topics or projects

Privacy & security

Block spy trackers

Keep privacy intact with the automatic removal of invasive tracking pixels in your inbox

Support & training


Get direct help from a real person on our team

Basic email

Priority email

Priority email & video

Shortwave Community

Access our invite-only community in Shortwave to test new features before they launch, share feedback, and interact with our team

Powering professionals at the world's leading companies

Will Moxley

After switching to Shortwave, I got to Zero Inbox in record time! Plus, the AI-based Summarize feature is a real time-saver for long threads.

Avatar of Will Moxley

Will Moxley

SVP of Product at AppFolio

Gusto Logo

I no longer dread looking through my email, since Shortwave has everything I need to get through it FAST. From intelligent bundling to AI-powered inbox summaries, Shortwave has it all.

Avatar of Jordan Tranchina

Jordan Tranchina

Product Manager at Gusto

Clockwise Logo

I've reached inbox zero for the first time in my life, and Shortwave helped me do it in five minutes. I've never felt so on top of my inbox.

Avatar of Matt Martin

Matt Martin

CEO and Cofounder at Clockwise

Teamable Logo

Shortwave is a true game-changer. I can't imagine my workday without it, as it is always a means of organizing myself. It continues to impress me with every release.

Avatar of Andrea Renteria

Andrea Renteria

Sr. Growth Partner at Teamable

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