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For casual users just getting started

90 days searchable email history

Standard support response time

$9 / month


For professionals with demanding inboxes

Unlimited searchable email history

1 business day support response time



For companies with special requirements

Reach out to discuss multi-seat pricing

All plans include

AI-enhanced workflow for maximum productivity

Customizable controls to filter incoming mail

Modern chat experience brought to email

Built-in shortcuts and markdown for fast compose

Powerful search with complex queries

Commitment to security & privacy

Common questions

Do I need to enter a credit card right away?

No — start for free by signing in with your Gmail account

Do you offer monthly and annual billing?

We currently only offer monthly billing (prices in USD)

How is my payment processed?

We use Stripe to process payments and do not handle your credit card information directly

Does one paid plan cover all my linked accounts?

No — paid plans are per Gmail account

How do I get a refund?

If you're unhappy with Shortwave, please contact

More questions?

Check out our billing guide or contact us at

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