The future of email

Shortwave is working with a select group of great companies to help their teams work together. Contact us to join the alpha.

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Why Shortwave?

We think email doesn’t have to be 😓😖😭. In fact, we think it can be fast, collaborative and 🥰🤩🥳! It’s our mission to bring email up to speed (literally) and make it something people actually enjoy using to communicate.

It's just email

Shortwave connects with Gmail to bring the future of email to your existing account. You can talk to anyone with an email address.

Better inbox management

With tools like automatic inbox organization, pinning, and snooze and notification control, Shortwave makes it easy to stay on top of your inbox

Email as fast as chat

Send emails instantly to your teammates in a chat-like UI and see who’s active online.

About us

We are a team who loves talking to each other and wants to change how the world communicates.

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