Shortwave is reinventing what’s possible with email, starting with an inbox that keeps you organized by default.

Email is universally accessible, decentralized, and reliable - what's not to love?

Well, it turns out: a lot. Your inbox is a mess, sending messages is slow, and it’s impossible to keep your team in the loop. Email clients just aren’t living up to email’s potential.

We believe that these problems are solvable, and we’re here to solve them. Your inbox can stay organized, your messages can be sent instantly, and sharing with your team can be a breeze. That's why we're building Shortwave - to create a high-quality product experience that brings the joy of modern messaging apps to email.

Our team previously built products at Firebase and Google used by millions, and we’re backed by world-class investors including Union Square Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

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Meet the team

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Andrew Lee
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Jacob Wenger
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Jonny Dimond
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Ali Berlin Johnson
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Tyler Rockwood
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Alex Memering
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Tim Stirrat
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Hiranya Jayathilaka
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Sophia Seltenreich
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Toast the Cat
Design Manager
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We're a distributed team who loves talking to each other and wants to change how the world communicates. We value great design, smart engineering, and moving quickly to meet customers’ needs. If this sounds exciting to you, check out our currently open positions:

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