Shortwave is reinventing what's possible with email, starting with an inbox that helps you work smarter and faster

Email deserves better. Much better.

Email is trusted by billions. It's global and reliable. It's the backbone of modern business and lets you send anything from text to documents to videos. It works on nearly any device. Most importantly, it's federated, meaning anyone can run an email server and participate in the network. Google can run Gmail, Microsoft can run Outlook, and Andrew's parents can run an email server in their basement — true story.

What's not to love?

Well, it turns out: a lot. You're overwhelmed by a barrage of automated emails. You feel unresponsive and unproductive, no matter how hard you try. Email clients just aren't living up to email's potential.

We are now entering a world of centralized communications control: Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, iMessage, Slack, etc are all completely controlled by major companies. You can't run your own Facebook Messenger server or send a message there without using a Facebook account.

We're building Shortwave to tip the scales back towards email and federation. Email can be faster, more convenient, more productive, and yes, more joyful to use. Your inbox can stay organized, writing emails can be a breeze, and you can stay responsive even on the busiest days. That's why we're building Shortwave - to create a high-quality product experience that beats centralized messaging apps at their own game.

Our team previously built products at Firebase and Google used by millions, and we're backed by world-class investors including Union Square Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

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Meet the team

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Andrew Lee
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Jacob Wenger
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Jonny Dimond
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Tyler Rockwood
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Alex Memering
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Product Design
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Workwith us

We're a distributed team who loves talking to each other and wants to change how the world communicates. We value great design, smart engineering, and moving quickly to meet customers' needs. We're always looking for great engineers, product managers, and designers, so if this sounds exciting to you, send us an email. You can see our open job listings on AngelList.

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