Keyboard shortcuts

To reference keyboard shortcuts in Shortwave, type Ctrl + / to launch the in-app help box.

Compose & send

ComposecStarts a new draft
New threadnStarts a new thread when viewing a search result addressed to the relevant search participants
Reply allaReply all to focused thread
ReplyrReply to focused thread
ForwardfForwards focused thread
CcCtrl cFocuses the cc field to add recipients
BccCtrl bFocuses the bcc field to add recipients
Instant introCtrl iMoves last sender to bcc and inserts text Thanks "lastSenderName"! (moved to BCC)
Attach a fileCtrl aAttaches a file to the current draft
LinkCtrl kAdds a link to your text. If you have a link already copied, you can paste it over highlighted text with Ctrl v.
Discard draftCtrl d
Ctrl ,
Discards the current draft
SendCtrl Sends your message from the compose box
Scheduled sendCtrl lSchedule your message to send later from the compose box
Send & doneCtrl Sends your message from the compose box and mark thread as done
Undo sendCtrl z
Reverts most recently sent message back into a draft
View sent messageCtrl vRe-open pop-out window after sending an email
Search/Opens search
CloseescCloses selection, cancels action, removes focus
HelpCtrl /
Opens the help box


Ask AIyPrompt AI to help summarize, translate, or understand a thread
Doned or eArchives the currently focused thread or bundle and automatically focuses the next item
Done & next[Archives the current thread if one is selected. Goes to the next thread and opens it, even if that means going to the next bundle or group.
Done & previous]Archives the current thread if one is selected. Goes to the previous thread and opens it, even if that means going to the previous bundle or group.
PintPins or unpins the focused thread or bundle
SnoozesOpens the snooze picker for the focused thread or bundle
LabelbAdds a label to the focused thread or bundle
Deletes the focused thread or bundle
UnsubscribeCtrl uUnsubscribes you from the mailing list
Block spamCtrl bReports the current thread as spam and automatically trashes all future messages from the sender
Report spam!Reports the current thread as spam and removes it from the inbox
Mute (Unfollow)mUnfollows the focused thread
Copy thread linkCtrl cCopies the thread's unique link when a thread is focused
Mark as unreadu
Shift u
Marks the current thread as unread
Mark as readu
Shift i
Marks the current thread as read
UndoCtrl z
Undoes the most recent action

Thread list

Next or jMoves to the next item (thread or bundle)
Previous or kMoves to the previous item (thread or bundle)
SelectxSelects the focused item and enables multi-select mode
Open in side panel or l or Opens the focused item in a side panel (thread or bundle)
Open in full screenCtrl Shift Opens the focused thread in full screen
Close or h or EscCloses the open item (thread or bundle)
Scroll downScrolls the page down (when thread has focus)
Scroll upScrolls the page up (when thread has focus)
Page downSpaceScrolls down one page height
Page upShift SpaceScrolls up one page height
Toggle sidebarCtrl \Collapses / expands the left sidebar

Go to

Inboxg + iGo to the Inbox page
Snoozedg + sGo to the Snoozed page
Doneg + eGo to the Done page
Labelsg + bGo to the Labels page
Sentg + tGo to the Sent page
Draftsg + dGo to the Drafts page
Spamg + !Go to Spam
Trashg + #Go to Trash
Favorite (1-9)g + 1Go to the favorited search with the corresponding number
AI AssistantCtrl jOpens the AI Assistant
Command PaletteCtrl k
Ctrl Shift k
Ctrl Shift p
Opens the command palette
Other account (1-9)Alt 1Switches to the corresponding numbered account
SettingsCtrl ,Opens the settings dialog
Toggle themeCtrl lToggles the app theme between light and dark mode


The following text shortcuts work when you are drafting messages in the compose box:

Emoji:emojiAdds emoji to your text :shorts :wave = 🩳 👋
Ctrl b
Makes your text bold
Ctrl i
Makes your text italicized
Ctrl u
Makes your text underlined
Ctrl x
Adds a strike to your text
Ctrl e
Makes your text code
Code block```Makes your text a code block
Heading# SpaceMakes your text a larger **Heading **
Numbered List1 . Space
Ctrl 7
Adds an ordered list
Bulleted List- Space
* Space
Ctrl 8
Adds an unordered list
Quote> Space
Ctrl 9
or q
Converts text to a quote. For quick quote, select a previous message and press q to quote the text in your reply.
Add participant+nameAdds a person or channel to a thread, similar to adding them to the to or cc field
Remove participant-nameRemoves a person or channel from a thread, similar to removing them from the to or cc field
Add & notify participant@nameDirectly notifies a specific person with a push notification
Link to#nameLinks a specific person or channel in a conversation