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Jan 31, 2024

The Shortwave AI Assistant arrives on Android

Tanishq Kancharla

Tanishq Kancharla

2 min read


Big news for Android today—the full capabilities of our AI Assistant are now on your Android device. We've seamlessly integrated it into our intuitive Android app, enabling you to maximize your productivity on the go. Now, Android users can compose, search, and analyze emails with the help of AI, wherever you are.

The power of AI in your pocket

We know that emailing on mobile can be a pain: typing out long emails on a tiny keyboard, searching for addresses when you're running late, or trying to dictate a message that just doesn't come out right. Our Android AI Assistant is like an executive assistant that lives in your pocket and makes some of these harder mobile tasks easy again.

Draft emails effortlessly

Writing longer emails on a cramped mobile keyboard is a chore. With our AI Assistant, you can simply describe what you want to say, by typing or talking, and it will draft a full email for you in your personal writing style. Just tap the ✨AI button in the compose box to open the Assistant and then tap the suggestion “Write a reply.”

Search your entire email history

Ever needed to quickly find an address or details from your email while on the move? Forget about the frustration of digging through your inbox for that one elusive email or trying to remember obscure search syntax. With our AI-assisted search, you can just ask for the information you need. Try "What's the address for the interview?" and get an answer instantly.

Analyze and understand in seconds

Shortwave’s AI Assistant works like ChatGPT, but it knows everything about your email. Want a quick summary of a long newsletter before deciding to read more? Or perhaps you need to translate a customer’s email? The AI Assistant can provide summaries, translations, and even answer questions about your emails for deeper analysis.

Having these AI capabilities on a mobile device means convenience and efficiency wherever you are — whether you're on a train, at a coffee shop, or just hanging out on your couch.

To discover more about the extensive features of your new pocket-sized AI Assistant, check out the full details here or take a technical deep dive to see how we built the world’s smartest AI Assistant.

Accessing the AI Assistant on Android

Ready to get started? The AI Assistant is accessible from every screen of the Shortwave app:

  1. Tap the Shortwave icon in the bottom menu
  2. Look for the AI ✨ sparkle icon in the compose box and give it a tap
  3. Try the “wave” motion (a quick swipe down, up, and then back down) for instant access from anywhere in the app

Download Shortwave on the Play Store to witness the magic firsthand. If you're as excited about having a pocket-sized AI Assistant as we are, we'd be grateful for a review on the Play Store!

This week is our AI Launch Week. To celebrate our 4 year anniversary we’re unveiling one cutting-edge AI feature each day. Follow along for more updates.

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