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Feb 27, 2023

AI Email Summaries: Read emails in seconds

Jacob Wenger

Jacob Wenger

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Recent developments in AI are reshaping the way we work and live, and we think email – the universal productivity tool – is about to undergo fundamental changes. The new capabilities of large language models have swung the door wide open for new ways to interact with your inbox. At Shortwave, we aim to pave the way towards an AI-enabled email future, starting with Smart Summaries, launching today in beta.

Smart Summaries save you precious time by intelligently capturing the key points from an email thread in just a few sentences. It works great for newsletters, long-winded conversations, and threads you got added to late. Smart Summaries get you up to speed quickly so you can spend more of your time getting stuff done. They also can be shared with other people when you forward emails, saving time and making it easier for your colleagues to catch up

Experience the magic for yourself: give Smart Summaries a try for free.

Achieve inbox zero in less time

If you subscribe to a lot of newsletters, you probably lack time to read them all. And that's okay, since often you may not care about this week's post. In fact, you spend a ton of time every day sifting through emails you don't need to read: long threads you were unnecessarily cc'd on, uninteresting sales pitches, customer support cases that are already resolved, promotional messages you don't care about, and so on.

Smart Summaries give you a TL;DR for each thread that contains just the critical information you need: what it is about, who is involved, and what action needs to be taken. This helps you decide what's worth your time to read in its entirety – and what's not – so you can spend less time sorting through email and more time doing deep work.

AI-generated summary of a Morning Brew newsletter

Have you ever returned from vacation only to find yourself dozens of emails deep? You're spending valuable time catching up on old replies, back-and-forths, and week-old debates when all you really want is the most current information. Smart Summaries have you covered – with the click of a button, you get a brief synopsis of the topics discussed and the decisions made so you can focus on the work that matters.

AI-generated summary of a group discussion about an upcoming launch

Quickly understand complex threads

Smart Summaries excel at untangling complex threads. Maybe the subject matter is full of complicated terminology, or maybe it's in a different language altogether. Whatever the case, Smart Summaries can distill these threads into short, digestible summaries.

Let's say you're emailing with a lawyer, doctor, or other subject-matter expert. They may be laying it on thick with industry jargon or simply using large words you're not familiar with. You want someone to "explain it like I'm 5." Smart Summaries translate ideas into simple English so you can understand quickly and respond confidently.

AI-generated summary of complicated visa discussion with lawyers

Smart Summaries are also the fastest way to get the gist of emails written in another language. This is particularly useful when booking international travel or interacting with customers who don't speak your language. Smart Summaries understand every language, so you can too!

AI-generated summary in English of an Airbnb confirmation written in Japanase

Help others get up to speed

Looping someone into an ongoing conversation or forwarding them a thread for context can be time-consuming, necessitating a comprehensive recap of the conversation. With Smart Summaries, you can send a concise and intelligent summary along with the email automatically, saving valuable time and making it easier for your colleagues to catch up.

AI-generated forward summary

Even better, Smart Summaries can be shared with anyone, regardless of whether they're using Shortwave or not. This will make you everyone's favorite emailer, as you're saving them time and hassle.

Email is changing

This is just the first step towards something much larger for the future of Shortwave – and the future of email. If you're interested in having your very own AI-powered email assistant, stay tuned for more powerful features.

In the meantime, let Smart Summaries streamline your email communication and make you more productive, all while providing a valuable service to your colleagues.

Smart Summaries are free while in beta, and you can start experiencing them right now.

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