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Feb 2, 2024

Instant Summaries – Smart TL;DRs for every email

Hiranya Jayathilaka

Hiranya Jayathilaka

2 min read


We’ve all had THAT email. The solid wall of text. The one that’ll take 5 minutes to even start to understand what’s going on, and perhaps 20 minutes to actually reply to. The one that gives you a creeping feeling of overwhelm and a voice in your head saying ‘ugh, really?’

Fear no more! Shortwave has you covered with Instant Summaries – our newest AI feature –  launching today! It saves you from inbox anxiety by giving you the tl;dr, so you can stay in flow and keep moving through your day.

Right there at the top of the email

Instant Summaries show up at the very top of your email threads the instant you open them. They’re fast – so there’s no need to wait around – and they give you just the key takeaways you need to understand what the thread is about.

Our Instant Summaries are powered by cutting-edge open source language models running on our own infrastructure for maximum performance and security. If you want more granular details, just click or tap the summary to open it in the AI Assistant. You’ll automatically receive a longer, more detailed summary generated by GPT-4 – the most powerful large language model currently available. From there, you can ask the AI follow up questions to get a deeper understanding, ask it to draft a reply, or ask it anything else you like.

Available today for everyone, on all platforms!

Instant Summaries are available on ALL platforms (Desktop, iOS, and Android) for ALL our users. That’s right, even if you’re on our free plan.

Sign up for Shortwave and be an email power user in minutes.

This concludes our AI Launch Week. To celebrate our 4 year anniversary we unveiled one cutting-edge AI feature each day this week. Follow along for future updates.

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