Search operators in Shortwave make locating threads and messages simple. Use just one term for simple searches, or combine multiple terms to find just the exact threads you're looking for. Many search terms can match substrings as well (ie. from:andrew) for added power.

Message attribute

Find messages about a topic with AIabout:about:"quarterly roadmap planning" about:"funny jokes"
Labellabel:label:investors from:andrew to:andrew
Recipient who received a
Recipient who received a blind
Email matches any field (from, to, cc, bcc)with: <emailaddress> with:andrew
String included in subject linesubject:subject:"term sheet"
String matches name of an attachment. Useful for matching file types.filename:filename:termsheet.pdf filename:.pdf
Messages that have attachmentshas:attachmenthas:attachment
Messages in a channelchannel:channel:Engineering
Messages from a mailing


Sentis:sent in:sentSearch within sent messages
Draftis:draft in:draftSearch within drafted messages
Inboxis:inbox in:inboxSearch within the inbox
Doneis:done in:doneSearch within the done section
Snoozed (includes scheduled deliveries)is:snoozed in:snoozedSearch within the snoozed section
Readis:read in:readSearch within just read messages
Unreadis:unread in:unreadSearch within just unread messages


Messages sent during a certain time periodafter: before:
older: newer:
Messages older or newer than a time periodolder_than: newer_than:newer_than:2d

Logical operators

Logical operationOperatorExample
Exclude matching messages from results-term sheet -investors
Messages that match both termsANDfrom:Jacob AND from:Andrew
Messages that match either termORinvoice OR receipt
Match all terms in list( )subject:(term sheet)
Exact word or phrase" ""Final term sheet"