Google Advanced Protection

If you experience an authorization error from Google's Advanced Protection Program when signing up, you may be able to whitelist Shortwave as a trusted app via the Google Admin Console.

Google Workspace account

If you are the admin of a Google Workspace account, you can whitelist Shortwave as a trusted app:

  1. Go to your Google Admin Console

    • Note: If you are unable to access this Console page, please ask your Google Admin to whitelist Shortwave
  2. At the top of the Configured apps list, click Add app

  3. Choose OAuth App Name or Client ID

  4. Enter the app's name: "Shortwave" and then click SEARCH

  5. From the list of search results, click Select for the app that you want to manage

  6. Click the top check the box to select all OAuth Client IDs and then click SELECT

  7. Choose: Trusted and then click CONFIGURE

After that, you should be able to sign into Shortwave.

Personal account

It is currently not possible to use Shortwave with a personal Gmail account enrolled in the Google Advanced Protection Program. To use Shortwave, you must un-enroll from Advanced Protection.