Shortwave's free plan gives you access to almost all of our features and capabilities, including it's AI-powered executive assistant.

But if you're looking to upgrade, the paid plan lets you import your entire email history, giving you an even more powerful inbox experience.

Billing happens monthly and is set per workspace, rather than per account. Your payment information can be accessed and updated at any time from the web app by going to Settings > Billing.

How it works

A Shortwave workspace is a contained space for your work, just like a Slack or Notion workspace. Add your team as workspace members to collaborate with them in a shared set of channels.

You can also have a workspace as an individual. To access paid features, such as raising the 90-day search history limit, or enabling AI-enhanced search, create a workspace for yourself and upgrade to the Standard plan.

Do I need a credit card to get started?

Nope! Start for free by just signing in with your Gmail account.

Payment is tied to a workspace, and a single account can belong to multiple workspaces. A Standard workspace grants all members extended search and email history.

Here's everything you need to know about how billing works:

  • Every workspace has its own billing plan. You can create multiple workspaces per account, in which case you'd have multiple billing plans.
  • Billing cycles are set per workspace. For each workspace, you will be billed on the same date each month, which matches the date you first upgraded that workspace. This means if you have more than one paid plan, they may be billed on different days.
  • You get billed upfront. Payments start at the beginning of your billing cycle. If you make changes in the middle of a billing cycle, we'll prorate the difference, so you pay for what you use.
  • Member changes are reflected in the following cycle. You can add or remove workspace members at any time. Any prorated charges or credits will be applied at the start of the next billing cycle.

We use Stripe to securely process payments. We do not handle your credit card information directly.


Shortwave is free to get started, but you can upgrade to a paid workspace for extended search history, AI-enhanced search, the ability to write emails with AI in your voice, and enhanced support. Each workspace has its own plan and is upgraded or downgraded independently. View our pricing page for more information.

Paid plans are per Gmail account, so if you need to upgrade your work and personal accounts, you will need two separate plans.

Alternatively, you can configure multiple aliases to forward to and send from a single Gmail account.

Standard workspaces have limits in place to prevent abuse, but you shouldn't run into them with normal usage. By default, you can have up to 1,000 channels and 1,000 members in a Standard workspace.

You can also downgrade a workspace at any time and will be issued a prorated refund for the remaining days left on your paid plan.

If you're unhappy with Shortwave, accidentally upgraded a workspace, or feel like you were incorrectly charged, contact We'll refund you the full amount if you reach out within 7 days of your payment.


Only owners or admins can manage workspace plans or payment details.

To change your plan, go to Settings > Workspaces and click "Upgrade" or "Manage plan".

To change your payment details and methods, go to Settings > Billing. Clicking "Manage" will open Stripe's customer portal in another window.

If you need any help with your billing setup or are looking for a refund, reach out to