Shortwave is designed for business users on teams of all sizes — from small business founders looking to boost their own personal productivity to large company executives aiming to make their entire organizations more effective.


Shortwave is free to get started and offers a range of pricing plans to suit everyone's needs. The free plan gives access to most of our productivity features and capabilities, including the Shortwave AI executive assistant. Paid plans have increasingly more features, including the ability to import your entire email history and use advanced AI Assistant capabilities, such as AI search and AI writing personalization.

View our pricing page for more information about plans.

One flat rate per person — for all your email accounts

We know that many email users use multiple email accounts. Our Pro and Business plans are designed to provide our paid feature set to all of your accounts for one flat rate. All you need to do is sign those other accounts in on the same device as your paid account and they will get paid features automatically. The Pro plan gives paid features to up to 3 signed in accounts, and the Business plan gives paid features to up to 10 accounts.

Do not add multiple accounts of your own to a team. Teams are only for paying for other people. If you are using multiple accounts of your own, just sign them on on the same device.

How billing works

Shortwave's billing is tied to a team. Teams can be of any size — from just you, to you and a few peers, to your entire company. Teams allow you to give access to paid features to multiple people while keeping billing centralized. You'll be billed additionally for each person you add to a team.

You can create and manage payment for teams from Settings > Billing & Teams in the Shortwave web or Android apps.

Here's everything you need to know about how billing works:

  • Billing cycles are set per team. You will be billed on the same date for every member on your team, which matches the date you first upgraded that team.
  • Billing cycles can be monthly or annual. Choose your preference when upgrading your team. Change this later from Settings > Billing & Teams.
  • You get billed upfront. Payments start at the beginning of your billing cycle.
  • Adding a new team member bills you when the other person accepts their invite. You can add team members at any time. You will be charged a prorated amount based on the time remaining on your current billing cycle.
  • Removing a member gives you a prorated credit on your next billing cycle. You can remove team members at any time. To instead request a refund, head to Settings > Support.

Shortwave uses Stripe to securely process payments. We do not handle your credit card information directly.

If you're unhappy with Shortwave, accidentally upgraded a team, or feel like you were incorrectly charged, contact us. We'll refund you the full amount if you reach out within 7 days of your payment.

Managing billing

Only owners or admins can manage team plans or payment details. You can downgrade a team at any time. You and other workspace members will continue to have access to paid features until the end of your current billing period.