Search operators in Shortwave make locating threads and messages simple. Use just one term, or stack multiple queries to find the thread you’re looking for.


Messages that have a certain labellabel:label:investors
Specify the sender or recipientfrom:
Words in the subject linesubject:subject:"term sheet"
Attachments with a certain name or file typefilename:filename:termsheet.pdf
Messages that have attachmentshas:has:attachment
Specify a recipient who received a copycc:
Specify the channelchannel:channel:Engineering
Messages from a mailing


Remove messages from your results-term sheet -investors
Messages that match both termsANDfrom:Jacob AND from:Andrew


Specify the
Messages sent during a certain time periodafter: before:
older: newer:
Messages older or newer than a time periodolder_than: newer_than:newer_than:2d
Groups of multiple search terms( )subject:(term sheet)
Exact word or phrase“ ”"Final term sheet"


Search byOperatorsExample
Sentis:sent in:sentSearch within sent messages
Draftis:draft in:draftSearch within drafted messages
Inboxis:inbox in:inboxSearch within the inbox
Doneis:done in:doneSearch within the done section
Snoozed (includes batched delivery)is:snoozed in:snoozedSearch within the snoozed section
Readis:read in:readSearch within just read messages
Unreadis:unread in:unreadSearch within just unread messages