Shortwave's smart editor helps you write better emails faster with intuitive shortcuts and a light-weight compose box that makes drafting and sending emails frictionless. You can drag 'n drop an image right into your message, or use the GIF & emoji picker to find the perfect way to express yourself. Plus, with markdown shortcuts, your emails will be beautifully formatted and look great in other email clients too.


Here are some formatting shortcuts to help you write your messages without your hands leaving your keyboard:

Bold**bold** b
Italic*italic* i
Strikethrough~strike~ shift x
Underline_under_ u
Heading# space
Numbered list1 . space shift 7
Bulleted list- space shift 8
Quote> space
Link k
Attachment shift a
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Check out our full list of keyboard shortcuts


Mentions let you add or remove someone on a thread with a special character before their name. Use mentions to ensure a message ends up in someone's inbox. You can even use mentions in place of keyboard shortcuts to modify message recipients without having to take your hands off the keys.

+mentions & @mentions add a person to a thread

-mentions remove a person from a thread

#mentions link to a person so you can easily share contact info


Shortwave defaults to replying to everyone on a thread. Reply all makes it easy to keep groups on the same page, while built-in audience awareness makes sure you always know who you're talking to.

  • Reply all to a thread by simply typing a message in the compose box and hitting send — this is the default reply behavior in Shortwave
  • Direct reply by right-clicking a specific message or clicking the reply button next to the message sender. You can then delete the people you don't want to include or change reply all to reply to sender. This will start side conversations that branch off from the original thread you started on. You will see markers for these side conversations between the messages of the thread so you can quickly navigate back and forth between each conversation.
  • Quick quote a message by highlighting the text you want to refer to and pressing q or clicking the quote button. This will insert the quoted text into the compose box so you can reference it easily instead of burying an inline reply inside message history

Whenever people are added or removed from a thread, Shortwave always shows you a clear divider so it's easy to tell who your message is going to:



Forwards also start drafts, with the forwarded message nicely embedded — these chat-style forwards look extra nice in Shortwave, but folks outside of Shortwave will see a "standard" forward (in reverse-chronological order with all the nesting).