Your payment information can be accessed and updated at any time from the billing tab in your Shortwave settings.

How it works

  • Every workspace has its own billing plan. You can create multiple workspaces per account, in which case you'd have multiple billing plans.
  • Billing cycles are set per workspace. For each workspace, you will be billed on the same date each month, which matches the date you first upgraded that workspace. This means if you have more than one paid plan, they may be billed on different days.
  • You get billed upfront. Payments start at the beginning of your billing cycle. If you make changes in the middle of a billing cycle, we'll prorate the difference, so you pay for what you use.
  • Member changes are reflected in the following cycle. If you add or remove a member, any prorated charges or credits will be applied at the start of the next billing cycle.


Shortwave is free to get started, but you can upgrade to a paid workspace for more functionality and team collaboration tools. Each workspace has its own plan and is upgraded or downgraded independantly. Learn more about our plans and their limits on the pricing page.

You can downgrade at anytime and you will be issued a prorated refund for the remaining days left on your paid plan.

Ready to upgrade?

Go view your workspaces and click upgrade


Only owners or admins can manage workspace plans or payment details.

To change your plan, go to the workspaces page and click Upgrade or Manage plan.

To change your payment details, go to the billing tab in settings. Clicking Manage will open Stripe's customer portal in another window.


If you need any help with your billing setup or are looking for a refund, reach out to