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Feb 8, 2024

Everything we shipped for AI Launch Week

Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee

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Last week was our AI Launch Week. Each day, we launched a brand new AI feature designed to make the world’s smartest AI email app even smarter. We introduced new ways to write emails, new capabilities on mobile, a smarter way to read emails, and more. Read on to learn about all of the features we launched.

Day 1: AI Autocomplete

We kicked off the week with AI Autocomplete. Once enabled, you’ll see smart suggestions presented to you automatically as you draft emails. Just press ‘tab’ to complete them. These AI suggestions are intelligent and based on previous emails you’ve written, so they sound just like you, and they include facts and phrases you’d actually say. They’re powered by Ghostwriter – Shortwave’s writing personalization technology that we launched in December.

AI Autocomplete is available to users on Pro and Business plans, and it works on web & desktop. Enable it in Settings > AI Assistant to get started.

Finally, email that completes you 🫶

Day 2: AI Assistant for iOS

Next up, we put the power of Shortwave’s AI in your pocket with the launch of our AI Assistant for iOS. This feature allows you to more easily manage your email on the go, compose full drafts, analyze complex email threads, and more, all optimized for your iPhone. Our iOS AI Assistant is like an executive assistant that lives in your pocket and streamlines common tasks for a pain-free mobile email experience. Plus, it’s available for free, for all iOS users!

Day 3: AI Assistant for Android

Not wanting to leave Android users behind, on day three we launched our AI Assistant on Android. Tailored to the Android experience, this feature ensures that you can enjoy the same access to the AI Assistant, no matter the platform or device. Now you can write, search, and analyze your emails with AI so that you can reach peak productivity wherever you are. The Android AI Assistant is available to all Shortwave users as well, on all plans.

Day 4: AI-enhanced multi-select

On day four, we unveiled AI-enhanced multi-select. This new feature lets you use the AI Assistant to ask questions about any set of threads, including bundles, in one fell swoop.  Just select the threads you want (or an entire bundle), hit the AI ✨sparkle icon, and ask away. It's that simple.

Need to find the latest updates on a project? Want to compile a list of action items from your recent conversations? AI-enhanced multi-select is like your personal inbox analyst, ready to organize, synthesize, and summarize on command. Everyone can use this feature for free, on all platforms!

Day 5: Instant Summaries for every email

We saved the best for last and ended the week by introducing Instant Summaries for every email. These smart TL;DRs provide a short summary at the top of your email threads the instant you open them. No waiting – just the key takeaways so you can get the gist and make decisions faster. Click or tap the summary to expand it in the AI Assistant to get a more detailed summary, or to ask follow-up questions about the thread.

Instant Summaries are available for everyone, whether you’re on desktop, iOS, or Android, and on all plans, including free users.


Our AI Launch Week may have come to an end, but the journey towards a smarter, more intuitive email experience is just beginning. We're excited to see how these features empower you to take control of your inbox and free up time for what matters most. Try them out and let us know how they're transforming your email routine!

Stay tuned for more updates and follow along on X(Twitter), LinkedIn, and now on Farcaster!

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