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Cut through the noise

Shortwave's inbox helps you get to inbox zero — and stay there. Organize your emails using bundles, so you can sweep away automated senders with one click. Triage the rest with three simple actions: Done, Pin, and Snooze.

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Make a to-do list

Never drop the ball. Pin emails that need a response so you don't forget them, reprioritize your inbox using drag-and-drop, stack emails to create to-do lists, and add notes for context.

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Email at the speed of chat

Shortwave's chat-like UI helps you read and respond in half the time. Easily skim and quote thread history, add rich text with markdown shortcuts, and add and remove recipients fast with mentions.

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Automate busywork

Train Shortwave to automatically label your newsletters, calendar invites, purchases, and more based on sender, and use those labels to control bundling and push notifications. Configure unimportant senders to automatically skip your inbox.

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I've reached inbox zero for the first time in my life, and Shortwave helped me do it in five minutes. I've never felt so on top of my inbox.

Matt Martin, CEO and Cofounder at Clockwise

Matt Martin, CEO and Cofounder at Clockwise

Julian N.


I’ve been using @shortwave for a couple months and love it. Bundles are great. Pinning, snoozing, and marking things done really helps me keep a clean inbox and on top of everything. Highly recommend giving it a go.

Mckay W.


Shortwave completely changed my mind about email. It's fast. It's efficient. And it's... fun? Yes - somehow they made email fun. If you want to totally rethink what email can be and completely upgrade your email experience overnight, then start using Shortwave.

Ben G.


@shortwave has taken my email flow to the next level. A delightful “single-player” experience that absolutely shines when I interact with other Shortwavers.

Vibhu N.


@shortwave is the best email client I've ever used: email that feels like chat, built around your relationships. It's full of clever ideas like consistent formatting for emails, presence, and bundles. 10x improvement over Gmail.

Marian L.


Hands down! @Shortwave is the best Email app I have ever used and I have used all of them - It is like going to the beach with a cool summer breeze - It is so relaxing

Steve R.


I've been using this product for a few months and I can say with absolute certainty that you will not look back after making the switch.

Malea G.


Didn't think I'd be able to change my email workflow, but Shortwave is super intuitive and the one-click archive feature is sooo satisfying, there's no way I'm going back now.

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