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AI executive assistant

Meet your AI email assistant

Background bubbles for asking the AI Assistant 'Reply and congratulate the team' and its replyAnimation of AI assistant writing a draft email to prompt 'Reply and congratulate the team'

Write emails with AI

Write full emails with AI in seconds, or use predictive autocomplete for smart inline suggestions. Shortwave learns your unique voice and style from the emails you send.

AI assistant responding to question 'What are the plans for our next offsite?' with the details of the offsite

Search — and find answers

Use AI-powered search to find emails fast, or to analyze your entire email history for just the answer you need

AI-generated summary above an email

Summarize instantly

Get through your inbox twice as fast with a smart tl;dr right at the top of every email

AI assistant suggesting a calendar invitation for a meeting, including a button to create the event

Schedule with ease

Spend less time juggling calendars with AI-generated meeting invites and scheduling emails


Organize your inbox the way you want

Background colorAnimation of switching between 4 tabs in a split inbox

Split your inbox

Focus your time & attention by dividing your inbox into tabs for important emails, specific senders, labels & even custom queries

A group of 4 emails with an activated toggle

Group related emails into bundles

Control promotions, newsletters, updates, and more, to reach inbox zero in half the time

Background colorAnimation of an email being turned into a todo for creating a launch checklist'

Turn your emails into todos

Transform your overflowing inbox into an organized list of action items. Group, rename, prioritize, and add notes, right in your inbox.

A modal titled 'Delivery Schedule' with description 'Send emails in this bundle to my inbox' with two radio options 'Immediately' and 'On a schedule' the latter of which has two dropdowns to select a day and time

Make emails arrive on your schedule

Avoid interruptions by using delivery schedules to receive emails exactly when you want them


Reach peak productivity

A list of the people who have read an email, including specific times.

See when people read your emails

Get the context you need to prioritize your time and write effective follow-ups. Close more deals and collaborate better with your team.

An animation of threads being marked done one-by-one with a checkmark

Get things done

Keep your inbox clear by checking off emails when you're done

A spam email with a cursor hovering 'Block' button

Screen noisy senders

Guard your inbox from spammy senders and noisy marketing emails with one-click block & unsubscribe

Keyboard silhouette with sample shortcuts underneath

Unleash your keyboard

Never touch your mouse again with markdown support and keyboard shortcuts for everything


Trusted by the world's leading professionals

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Shortwave is great at doing all the things you wish Gmail did. I love using bundles to sift through all the junk in my inbox.

Avatar of Brett Bates

Brett Bates

Demand Executive at Foursquare

Y Combinator Logo

Shortwave has changed my relationship with my inbox. I'm more productive than ever before, and the team just keeps shipping!

Avatar of Emmett Shear

Emmett Shear

Partner at Y Combinator & Founder at Twitch

Gather Logo

Shortwave's UX feels fast and joyful! It makes email less of a chore and lets me focus on my actual work.

Avatar of Phillip Wang

Phillip Wang

CEO and Cofounder at Gather

Twilio Logo

After having an unmanageable email mess for years, I'm finally at inbox zero, a first for me. Shortwave makes email easy.

Avatar of German Salvador

German Salvador

Senior Engineer at Twilio


Shortwave in the news

Insider logo

The AI revolution is coming for your email

A company called Shortwave, founded by a team of ex-Googlers, has created a tool that uses AI to sum up your emails for you.

By Shubham Agarwal

Verge logo

The Google Inbox email successor is finally ready for Android

The spiritual successor to Google Inbox has fully arrived on Android devices following 18 months of beta testing.

By Jess Weatherbed

Techcrunch logo

Shortwave email app introduces AI-powered summaries

Shortwave offers better categorization than Gmail... and support for emoji and GIF responses.

By Ivan Mehta

Digital Trends logo

This app is like ChatGPT for your email, and it changed my life

ChatGPT saves you the drudgery of sifting through web search results... Shortwave does the same for long emails

By Nadeem Sarwar


But wait, there's more...

Powerful search

Write complex queries to find what you need, every time

Undo send

Send with confidence knowing mistakes are not permanent

Scheduled send

Email on your own terms while respecting everyone's time

Calendar integration

Accept or reject calendar invites in-app with one click

Granular push controls

Minimize disruptions with personalized alerts

Do Not Disturb

Only get push notifications when you want them

Light & dark modes

Switch between two beautifully-designed themes

Thread links

Reference your emails from other apps with permanent links

Saved searches

Add your favorite senders, labels, and searches to your sidebar

Blocked tracking pixels

Keep privacy intact with auto-removal of invasive trackers

Multi-account support

Quickly switch between Gmail accounts on any device

Command palette

Effortlessly navigate and take action from your keyboard

Security & privacy

From a team with a proven track record of putting users first

Signatures & aliases

Securely import signatures and send from any of your aliases

Much more to come!

Follow our changelog for the latest product improvements

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