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Shortwave InboxShortwave Inbox

Powering professionals at the world's leading companies

Cut through the noise

Summarize with AI

Save precious time by leveraging AI to capture the key points from any email

Break down language barriers

Understand every email, in every language

“It feels like my work has been cut in half”

A proven path to inbox zero

Maintain inbox zero and prioritize your work with the Shortwave Method

Hassle-free organization

Built-in labels auto-apply for common use cases, no effort required

Snooze in English

Defer email delivery using natural language directly from your keyboard — stop fiddling with date pickers

Streamline your workflow

Make fewer decisions

Group emails together into bundles for batch processing, making inbox zero 45% fewer clicks away than in Gmail

Faster than filters

Configure labels to auto-apply for specific senders using just one click

On your schedule

Avoid interruptions by using delivery schedules to receive emails when you want them

Prioritize your work

Pin, reorder, and combine tasks using drag-and-drop to treat your inbox as a to-do list

Block unwanted senders

Guard your inbox from spammy senders and noisy marketing emails with one-click block and unsubscribe

Email at the speed of chat

Shortcut to faster email

Never touch your mouse again with an inbox built with keyboard shortcuts for everything

Modern chat experience

Enjoy the blazing speed and agility of chat alongside Shortwave's cutting-edge aesthetics

Get others caught up

Send along AI-generated summaries when looping people in, even if they're not on Shortwave

Frictionless compose

Compose beautifully-formatted emails as if they were docs using Markdown, rich media, and mentions

Quick quote

Spend less time typing by instantly referencing email history

At your command

Effortlessly navigate around and take action with a keyboard-friendly command palette

Trusted by the world's leading professionals

I've reached inbox zero for the first time in my life, and Shortwave helped me do it in five minutes. I've never felt so on top of my inbox.

Matt Martin
CEO and Cofounder at Clockwise

Can you personally thank the person that worked on performance? It's really nice to use email as fast as Slack!

Sebastian Stadil
CEO and Founder at Scalr

Shortwave's UX feels fast and joyful! It makes email less of a chore and lets me focus on my actual work.

Phillip Wang
CEO and Cofounder at Gather

Shortwave is a productivity accelerant! Rapid email triage and task management all come together in one easy to use client.

Guru Chahal
Partner at Lightspeed Ventures

More thoughtfully-crafted features

Powerful search

Write complex queries to find what you need, every time

Undo send

Send with confidence knowing mistakes are not permanent

Scheduled send

Email on your own terms while respecting everyone's time

Smart labels

Apply labels automatically in a single click

Granular push controls

Minimize disruptions with personalized alerts

Do Not Disturb

Only get push notifications when you want them

Light & dark modes

Switch between two beautifully-designed themes

Thread links

Reference your emails from other apps with permanent links


Quickly access your favorite senders, labels, and searches

Block tracking pixels

Keep privacy intact with auto-removal of invasive trackers

Multi-account support

Quickly switch between Gmail accounts on any device

Gmail sync

Rest easy knowing your work is reliably kept in sync with Gmail

Security & privacy

From a team with a proven track record of putting users first

Signatures & aliases

Securely import signatures and send from any of your aliases

Much more to come!

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