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Upgrade your existing Gmail account with a brand new inbox experience that keeps you organized by default

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Why we're building Shortwave

Email connected the world, but it lost its magic along the way. We believe it deserves better, and we're on a mission to bring email up to speed (literally) with modern messaging apps.

Email should prioritize people, not advertising. Getting through your inbox shouldn't require busywork, and sending an email should be as fast as typing a text message. That's why we're building Shortwave: to recapture the magic of email with a beautifully designed product that works for everyone.

Understand your inbox at a glance

Threads are automatically categorized and bundled together to keep you organized by default. Want to customize things? Re-organize with drag & drop or use notification settings to control what enters your inbox. Use the sidebar to quickly see new messages, access drafts or view your full conversation history with your contacts.

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Get thingsdone

Have an important email you want to keep top of mind? Pin it. Want to handle it later or remember to follow-up? Snooze it. Everything else you can mark done with one click.

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Create channels to keep your team on-topic and make past conversations searchable. Instant delivery, typing indicators, and emoji reactions make conversations with other Shortwave users come to life. Use @-mentions to push notify the right people when you need them to join in.

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I've reached inbox zero for the first time in my life, and Shortwave helped me do it in five minutes. I've never felt so on top of my inbox.

Matt Martin, CEO and Cofounder at Clockwise

Matt Martin, CEO and Cofounder at Clockwise

Ready to get started?

Shortwave connects to your existing Gmail account. Sign in today to get your inbox organized in minutes. You'll have the option to invite your teammates later.

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