The best email for teams

Make your team communication more effective with Shortwave

Focus on your team

With a priority inbox for your teammates and favorites, you see their messages faster. With a special section just for your teammates sending them a message has never been easier!

Real-time email

See whether your teammates are online and who is replying in real-time before you send the email. You can also set your own schedule so your team knows when you’re available or when you’re offline.

It's your email

Shortwave integrates with Gmail and G Suite to bring the best team features to your existing email. No need to switch between tools, Shortwave integrates all its features directly into a new unified app. See your existing email and your team's email in the same tool.

Share emails

Channels allow you to collaboratively send and receive emails with your teammates. See who replies to a group and see historic emails that were sent to the channel. Never feel out of the loop again.

Be in control

Shortwave lets you set specific notifications so you won’t be distracted all the time. You can focus when you need to and adjust your availability when you have more free time. Still, your teammates will be able to get in touch if it's important.

A social touch

Share media easier than ever. A powerful rich text editor and a great media experience give your emails a personal touch. You can react to emails with emojis and share with your teammates how you feel.