Email security

You might be wondering... is my email safe with Shortwave?

Yes, absolutely.

If you trust Google to keep your email secure, then you can trust Shortwave too. Here's why:

Shortwave is "Google verified". This means Google has verified that we follow Google’s API Services User Data Policy, and we've met their Additional Requirements for Specific Scopes.

One of those "Additional Requirements" is to conduct a security audit, which means Shortwave has been thoroughly assessed by a Google-designated third-party security auditor. The security audit makes sure users’ data is safe by verifying that:

  1. Shortwave is capable of handling data securely
  2. Shortwave is capable of deleting user data upon user request

Google trusts their users' emails are safe with us, so we hope you trust us too.

Our founding team worked tirelessly at Firebase to get people to trust us as their app's database. We know we have to work similarly hard here at Shortwave to get you to trust us with your email. We've done this before, and we are confident we can do it again. If you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to email

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