Workspace & channel controls

Control who can see messages within an organization. Share specific channels with board members, customers, or vendors without needing to give them complete access to your company's communications.

Manage workspace members

Workspaces in Shortwave are comprised of members and guests. Workspace members are individuals that have full access to the workspace and its channels. Each member has an assigned role that determines their level of permissions.

Workspace roles

Invite workspace members

As an admin or owner, you can invite other people to join your workspace.

  1. Go to the channels page
  2. Open workspace settings from the
    menu to the right
  3. Select invite member
  4. Add email address(es) and send the invite

Workspaces members are limited to other Shortwave users right now. If the invitee is not already a Shortwave user, the invite email will allow them to sign in to Shortwave and automatically join your workspace.

Change roles

If you are an owner or admin of a workspace, you can manage other workspace members' roles.

  1. Access your workspace settings via the
    menu to the right of the channels page
  2. Select view members
  3. Find the member whose role needs to be changed
  4. Click the dropdown menu under role and select the user's new role

Manage channel settings & members

Your workspace channels are great for building powerful knowledge repositories and bringing cross-team visibility to your team's work. Make sure everyone is on the same page by inviting channel members and customizing channel settings.

Invite new channel members

  1. Navigate to a channel history

  2. In the header, click the channel members' profile photos in the top right

  3. Click invite people

  4. Add email address(es) and send the invite

Like workspaces, channel members are also limited to other Shortwave users. The invite email will prompt non-Shortwave users to sign in to Shortwave, automatically making them a channel member.

Adjust channels settings

As an owner or admin, you can customize the settings for any channel you are a member of.

  1. In the channel header, click the dropdown arrow to the right of the member list

  2. Select an option to modify, like the channel icon, name, or description. Note: these changes affect all channel members

  3. Archive old channels to disable new messages threads. You will still be able to reference any channel threads you participated in via search.

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