Categories help you control how your emails are bundled or send you push notifications. If you see an email or sender bundled in the wrong category, you can correct this in Gmail.

Gmail categories

To add or remove something from a category in Shortwave, you currently have to do so in Gmail. We're working on adding this capability directly in Shortwave.

Remove a category

  1. Navigate to the relevant category page in Gmail by opening More > Categories in the sidebar or clicking one of the following links: Promotions / Updates / Social / Forums

  2. Select the incorrectly categorized thread(s)

  3. Select "Not [Category]" at the top of the page

Future messages from those senders will not be marked as that category in Shortwave or Gmail.

Add a category

  1. Go to Gmail and find the thread in question
  2. Drag and drop it on top of the appropriate category in the sidebar (More > Categories) or top tab