Coming soon

Account switching is currently only available on iOS app - but here are some workarounds until the feature is available on all platforms


Sign in to each account in a different Chrome profile (also works on some Chromium-based browsers like Edge).

  1. Add a Chrome profile for each of your accounts by clicking your profile at the top right of Chrome and clicking Add
  2. Once each profile is created, log into Shortwave with the associated email for each
  3. To switch accounts, simply click your profile in the top right of Chrome


  1. For your primary account, register for our Android app

  2. For your secondary account, you can add the Shortwave PWA to your home screen.

    a. On your Android device, go to

    b. From your browser settings, select "Install app" (Chrome) or "Install" (Firefox).


    c. Find the app on your Home screen, and sign in!