Top Level Action: Delete 🗑️

November 17


Delete: Delete and bulk delete are now top level actions in Shortwave, and you can swipe to delete on iOS.

🚢 New Features Shipped

  • Natural language (e.g. “2 hr” or “next week”) can now be used to snooze threads on iOS
  • Set labels, senders, channels and mailing lists to skip your inbox
  • Stay up to date on new features in Shortwave with in-app feature announcements

⚙️ Product Changes

  • Threads now use the last message in the thread as preview text instead of the last unread message
  • Labels are now offered as suggestions in the “Add favorite” sidebar flow

🐛 Fixes and Improvements

  • Highlighting text in the first message of a subject-only thread prompts quote menu to appear on hover
  • Fixed push notifications for unsnoozed threads sometimes not sending
  • Fixed overlapping header and footer elements when viewing the app in mobile Safari or after being added to the iOS home screen

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