Inbox delivery, now on your schedule πŸ“…

December 15, 2022

Batched delivery: Bundle your emails by label and set a delivery schedule to control when they enter your inbox. By batching non-urgent groups of related threads, you can limit distractions and context-switching in your inbox to focus on what matters.

🚒 New features

  • Added ability to configure bundle settings for senders, channels, and mailing lists
  • Updated the help center with new documentation and methodology on how to best use Shortwave

βš™οΈ Product changes

  • Revamped smart snooze time picker UI

πŸ›Β Fixes and improvements

  • Ported NL input to mobile for smart snooze suggestions
  • Fixed a bug which caused push notifications to be sent while in Do Not Disturb mode
  • Fixed a bug where clicking to focus the search bar closed an open thread or bundle
  • Fixed a bug where swipe settings would sometimes reset on iOS
  • Updated iOS swipe settings image to include delete

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