Everything we shipped 🚒

January 3

2022 was a busy year for Shortwave: In the past year, our team of 13 has launched 101 features, made 754 improvements and merged 3,891 PRs. It’s been less than one year since we launched, and we’re just getting started.

Read all about what we did in 2022, and check out our past two weeks of improvements below.

βš™οΈ Product changes

  • Ability to reply directly to a specific message and / or sender in a thread with improved branching behavior and UI
  • Separated built-in and custom labels on the Labels page for improved navigability
  • Separated built-in and custom labels in the label picker to make label selection frictionless

πŸ›Β Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed hover actions on 2-in-1 devices
  • Fixed a hover action bug on Android devices where threads would unintentionally pin
  • Fixed todo bundle preview text color that was incorrect on mobile PWA
  • Added dynamic "Loading..." screen text for large inboxes that take longer to load

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